about us

CCRS Services is a division of Corporate Conflict Resolution Specialists, a specialist company in its various divisions. CCRS  services is a leading specialist extraction canopy system, cleaning, maintenance and installation company, providing integrated contract cleaning, installations , maintenance and related services  solutions based on the principles of integrity, professionalism and the implementation of first-hand experience and highly qualified managers and staff.

At CCRS Services we collaborate as a team to enhance the assessment, planning and training of all members to ensure first rated services in the implementation of all projects and contracts in the specialised extraction canopy system cleaning, maintenance and installations arena, as well as the crucial fundamentals needed to enable our clients to sustain a secure hygienic, working and living environment.

Our comprehensive list of specialised services together with our highly qualified staff and management brings to our customers a standard of workmanship far above any other cleaning, maintenance and installations company in the industry, whom often neglected contracts and projects for reason of profit, and for this reason CCRS Services places us in a position of no comparison to the rest of the aforesaid industry.

Our Mission

To deliver best-in-class people, processes and technology in partnership with our diverse customer base, in a dynamic combination of unparalleled operational skills and leadership to our employees and the community.

Our Vision