professional installation SERVICES


We understand that fast and reliable repairs are essential.with vast expertise and over 40 years’ experience, our technicians will bring not only quality assurance, but a product back to you that you can rely on.


Too often high standards of installation, cleaning and maintenance as well as commitment of projects, whether big or small, are neglected or abandoned for reasons of profit.

CCRS firmly believes that our cleaning staff and managers should never be exploited, and are of the view that in order to secure and sustain the loyalty and services of thoroughly trained staff, qualified and experienced managers, such company employees should experience a sentiment of job satisfaction and appreciation.

Given the aforesaid, CCRS is the highest remunerating extractor system cleaning company in South Africa, whilst remaining within (and under) the market related pricing umbrella.

For this reason many potential managers and cleaners in our industry are standing in line to be part of CCRS. With the vast experience of the executive management and outstanding project managers we believe this factor is giving us the competitive advantage over any other cleaning and maintenance company in our perspective industry.



From Pretoria to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Botswana and Mozambique, CCRS has the fleet and infrastructure to take on any size projects and contracts in any province or cross border.