Pizza Systems

pizza systems - cleaning and maintenance


According to the client’s requirements and specifications, systems are designed and built for a fully functional extraction system that will not let you down. This is done by proper consultation and understanding the client’s wants and needs.


Improper installations and poor workmanship results in inadequate functioning of extraction canopy systems and oil leaks. Well trained installation teams, quality control and understanding the science behind bonding materials and oil, is what makes CCRS installation division leaders in this field.


CCRS is highly focused on health and safety, and together with our qualified safety officer, CCRS can insure that we have proper trained and qualified staff to attend to your project at any site. Our health and safety file is always ready for inspection.

pizza systems

Understanding solid fuel pizza wood burning oven systems is not only a key factor in using ccrs it is a necessity. Solid fuel systems are highly flammable and neglect or poor
Maintenance is the most common cause of fires in restaurants using such systems.