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installation, Cleaning and maintenance services

In addition to our competitive advantages, CCRS has a number of reasons and facts why clients choose our company over anyone else, and make us stand out from any other extractor cleaning company.

  • Availability of management and directors
  • Superior operational management skills (by our team and country managers)
  • Flexibility of staff and cleaning teams
  • Cross border cleaning operations
  • The ability to provide cleaning and service teams in all provinces throughout South Africa
  • Our focus on quick response on orders or emergency call-outs
  • Using the latest technology and equipment
  • Our liability insurance policies
  • CCRS has a level 4 BEE rating
  • Up to date workman’s compensation (letter of good standing)
  • SARS (letter of good standing)
  • CCRS works 100% according to the sans act and guidelines of 1850ccrs certificates are recognised by all insurance companies, the health department as well as the fire departments of South Africa
  • CCRS makes use of SABS approved chemicals for kitchen use